The “Un”keynote Address

Experience Agile! Interactive Agile Games

Successful agile teams and organizations thrive on collaboration and building a learning culture. In this “unkeynote” you will have an opportunity to experience this first-hand. You will participate in an agile simulation that focuses on learning core agile principles in a fun, collaborative way. We plan to have five groups, each with 20 participants playing the ball point game.

Students, faculty and staff new to agile will learn about agility in a way they can apply immediately in their personal and work lives. They’ll get a chance to mix and learn with experienced Agile practitioners.

Agile coaches will have the chance to either facilitate a simulation or participate in one so that they can take back the learning to their agile teams!

Gerry Kirk

We are thrilled to announce that Gerry Kirk will be leading us through the unkeynote.

Gerry has a few surprises in store but we will be playing the ball point game. This is an extremely powerful, fun game that teams just love to play.

If you have not played the ball point game before then you won’t want to miss this opportunity!

If we exceed 100 at the unkeynote we ask that conference attendees observe rather than participate so that students and faculty will have a chance to experience agile.

And if you have played before, or want to help out, then perhaps you would like to take the next step and facilitate! We plan to have 10 facilitators. Gerry has planned a facilitator’s session that will introduce you to the game complete with a trial run. If you are interested then please comment below and show up at 4 PM on Friday for the facilitator’s session.

You can find notes on facilitating the ball point game from Kane Mar and Declan Whelan.


  1. declanwhelan says:

    Count me in! I love this game and will be happy to help facilitate.

  2. Selena says:

    I would be happy to help facilitate!

  3. Ellen Grove says:

    I’d love to help facilitate. As long at the 401 cooperates on Friday, I’ll be there in time for the facilitators session.

  4. Gino Marckx says:

    Count me in as well

  5. Dananthi Arnott says:

    Would love to facilitate!

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